Here is an example of a video ad for YouTube Simple Steps I.T. built.


When you advertise using Adwords for YouTube, you have the opportunity to ‘use’ the first 5 seconds as a free commercial which needs to do one of the following: Brand your company or Capture their interest.  Hopefully, you will accomplish both!

For this video, we wanted some video showing the different colors that a person could choose and did NOT want to just take images and dissolve them from one to another.

While working on the brands website at, we found and decided to use the ‘color picker’ which MINI provides interested customers to get an idea of what their car can look like, based on their preferred color choices.

We grabbed a video of the product in action, and then added the rain effect at the beginning in order to make it look different and change it up enough to retain a person’s interest due to the movement on the screen.

Since this is a ‘sales pitch’ video, where the main effort is to promote the incredible prices, we have a few spots inside the video where we highlight the Lease Prices and specifically mention the $0 Down option.

Hopefully, you will review this video and take a few ideas to help you create your own ‘better than average’ YouTube video for yourself or your clients!