Oftentimes, companies think of reaching out and creating their content on many different platforms. Websites, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The marketing problem with this has to do with your sweat equity, and eventually who is getting the benefit of it. When you place your content on sites other than your own, you run the risk of loosing control of your content.

For example, let’s assume that you have spent 6 months writing and creating content and having it reside in Facebook. All of that effort is honestly in their hands. If something happens to Facebook, your content can be erased, and your effort have been lost.

While it is very important to integrate other sites in your efforts to promote your business, remember that you need to have a central location which you control for your content. Then push out notifications to these other sites, or copies of the content to these other sites to expand your audience.

Always control where the original content is located, that way your equity and efforts can always be pointed back at your company no matter what happens to these other websites and services in the future.