Okay, Susie can’t do everything for you, you will be required to manage her upon occasions and here is one such occasion.

If you are not aware, ‘Susie’ is what we call our Artificial Sales Person who manages some of our web efforts for us.

Effectively, ‘she’ receives your post, and will display it on the website according to your schedule.  Also, Susie automatically rebuilds your Sitemap.xml, will notify Google, Bing and Yahoo (through Bing) that you have new content and make sure the search engines are able to see all of the relevant pages on your website.  Will handle backing up your Content Management Database (and email you the file) and also help pull together an email newsletter setup (when connected with Chimpmail).

However, she is not omnipotent.  When some of the supporting functionality you install (plug-in’s in this example) have updates, you will need to update them manually.

It is not a big effort, usually it takes less than 1 minute to update a plugin and we can ALL be thankful when an author updates their code. (This is another excellent reason to support authors).

I suggest you schedule 10 minutes maybe once a week to login to the authoring side of your website and take a look to see if any Plugins need updates.  If you have some which need updates, you will see the quantity next to the Menu selection (see example above).

Simply click on Plugins menu selection and locate the Plugin which has a message under the name notifying you of an update.  It will often start with “There is a new version of (insert Plugin name here) Version X.XX details here or Upgrade Automatically”.  If you are backed up, you can simply click the “Upgrade Automatically” option and in about 30 seconds, your plugin has been upgraded to the latest version!

If you have the automatic database backup working, it often takes you minutes to help Susie be on the latest upgrade and you are off to the next task in your day!

Now that I have shown you what to look for, I am off to upgrade my Plugin! (Which, in my case, is Contact Form 7).

Have a great day!