I want to explain about a few interesting Internet Marketing numbers.  This information can help explain the two different types of search results your clients see whenever they use search.

Namely, when you create a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisement, approximately 50% or 1 in every 2 searches will the people even notice the ad.

I didn’t mention ‘click’ on it, just notice it.  This is the same as if you buy a tv commercial, many of all viewers skip the ad, or throw away the direct mail piece without even noticing what is on it.  Fortunately with PPC, you don’t have to pay for the unviewed ads.  You only pay for those times someone clicks on your ad.

Yesterday, I went through a clarification of what a PPC ad was with a colleague who was in PR so I am aware some need a concrete explanation.  So, an example of the PPC areas on a search result page are the links you see above (with a colored background) in the middle column and in the right column of the search image below:

I want to state this again, only 1 in every 2 people will even SEE that there are ads here.

The short answer is that of all the people searching, most will not give these results a second of their time.  They do not see the relevance of how the ads can help them in their search.

Now, the top three (3) results in the organic answers will be seen 100% of the time, however; they will not all be clicked on the same amount of times.

The first result in the organic search results for a key phrase (the words you typed in to search about) will be clicked on approximately 42% of the time.  The third result in the organics list only 9% of the time.

Let’s not even discuss results for links brought up on pages 2 and 3 since if your website is coming up on those pages it will cause a mild form of depression.

So, a couple of thoughts.  If you are the 10th link listed on the Organic Search results, your link is seen approximately 20% of the time, you have to be the 4th highest on the Paid Search to be seen as often.

If your link on the organic side is clicked, I believe the person has a higher level of trust in your web page and what they are reading.  When they click the PPC, they know it is an ad, and now your website has to create a higher level of trust in order to overcome the fact the user clicked an ‘ad’.

Hopefully, these numbers are allowing you to think about opportunities where you could work a little to increase your organic search relevance.  It would be an investment that can help you for a long time.