What is Blunting?

The definition according to Merriam-Webster.

Blunting: (transitive verb) to make less sharp, definite, or forceful.

The strategy for using blunting is to offset the sales of your competitors marketing and sales efforts.

If you happen to have no competition and expect no competition in your particular market soon, you can skip the rest of this post.  However; for the rest of us here are some tasks to accomplish when you effectively blunt your opponent’s efforts.

Blunting Step 1: Which competition are you going to research?

Are you going to specify specific competition in your vertical (for example, if you are a Mercedes Benz dealer, will you research nearby Mercedes Benz dealers whom you compete with)?  Or will you research other  brands (if you are the Mercedes Benz dealer, will you research BMW, Audi and Jaguar competitors)?

Blunting Step 2: What is your competition doing?

First, you have to do the research which let’s you know and understand what your competitor is doing with their marketing.

Are they using newspapers, radio, Internet, PPC (Pay Per Click) or Organic Optimization, direct mail, white-papers, CEO roundtables, webinars?  How effective are these methods they are using?  Can you easily insert your own cost effective marketing into their sales process?  Can you ‘siphon’ off opportunities which at least gives your company a chance to speak to your benefits to these prospects?

Blunting Step 3: Decide the Opportunity Cost and Risk

When blunting, you will have to decide which of the (now) known marketing methods you are going to challenge in the market place and come up with the specific campaigns to blunt their efforts.

Obviously, if you can quickly, easily and inexpensively challenge their ads and reap the (sales) rewards, you will have increased your income allowing for more latitude and additional campaigns.

Blunting Step 4: Keep Score and protect your flank

Remember, you will have to do additional research to find out if your efforts are making a dent in their success, increasing your success and finding out if your competition has created new campaigns which you need to consider blunting.

Moreover, you will need to understand that these competitors (and others) will be making efforts to do the same to your company that you are accomplishing to them.

Always remember that when your prospects spend their money, it is your job to see that it goes to YOUR company.

Unless, of course, I am working with your competitor, in which case it will be spent with my client (grin).

Need to Challenge Your Competitors Web Efforts?

At Simple Steps I.T., we attack our clients competition  in the web marketing arena.  We have the ability to analyze the competitions PPC and Organic efforts and opportunities, and create strategies and tactics to quickly blunt those efforts.  If you would like to know more, please contact us.  It isn’t cheap or easy, but good competitive intelligence never is.