Image by Dominik Gwarek

Ok, you want a form to capture email and names, maybe with some comments as well. Also, the requirements say they really want to limit your spam…

What to do?

Well, one solution is here…

Go into the Plugins section in the Admin area of your WordPress install.
There, I want you to locate (search) and find the Plugins “Contact Form 7” and “Really Simple Captcha” (which is a partner module).

Install both of these components and activate them.

The Contact Form 7 will already have a basic form built for you. ┬áIt will have code similar to this {contact-form 1 “Contact form 1”} for you to copy and place on any form where you want the input form to be.

If you go into the Generate Tags area under the “Contact” plugin menu choice at the bottom of the Admin menu area you will find the ability to add the Captcha image capability to your contact request limiting your spam-a-bots from giving you too many annoying updates.