I have had the blessing (curse?) of being involved with Sales Force Automation (SFA) projects many times over the years.

I have helped larger business and smaller businesses.  I have designed and help develop a web Sales Tool for a company (and then was a salesman for the product).

I have attended many sales training classes, I have been on many sales support calls as the technical guy…

You know what the hands down, most difficult part of any SFA project is?  The technology?  Servers?  Operating Systems?  Smartphones? No, none of these.

It was people.  Salespeople usually.  Often, the tools were “too difficult to use” (and they wouldn’t… at all… use them), and often there was a mandate from the top (all stick, no carrot) to use or else… Not sure what the or else was, most of the times the implementations stagnated frankly.

So, it was with some large exasperation on my part that I found myself needing to connect in with a Sales CRM recently as part of our Artificially Intelligent Website initiatives.  I frankly was dreading having to wade back in to the mess again.  It brings back bad memories.

That is how I found vTiger.

With a little effort (or for those not technically inclined or lack technical expertise, a lot of frustration) you can have a complete, robust, straightforward Sales CRM which WORKS for the cost of your hosting.

Which, frankly, is peanuts.  Especially if you already use a HostGator account for your websites.

So, for those companies which are have progressed past sticky notes, went through Excel and finally found out you have to use a Sales tool of some sort, think about saving THOUSANDS of dollars and a potentially huge implementation timeframe and cost, and review vTiger.

Now, what does it say about our future?  Consider the question:  How many companies might be concerned if their product(s) compete against a really good and very well known Open Source project?  How do they continue to earn their keep?  How can your company USE Open Source products to create value for your clients?  Do you bring the expertise in house, or outsource it?

When I implement Susie, I will have a platinum plan available to my clients.  Not only can they have Susie (our AI Website), but also a completely fully featured Sales CRM, Marketing Automation, Projects, Calendars … Saving a client money while giving them tools they NEED to grow.

What can YOU do to implement these solutions and “keep the relationship” alive?