This weeks “Focus on Tomorrow” talks about the purchase of SIRI by Apple.

Siri is an application which learns how to take your voice requests “I need a taxi” and gives you how to get a taxi quickly based on where you are.

If you have an iPhone, I would recommend you download the application (free) and try it out.  At times, I have found it more useful than a voice search in Google, at other times, a frustration.

However; the tagline for the company pretty much sums up it’s focus, “Your Virtual Personal Assistant”.

How does this help?  Here is an example.   You find yourself in a new town and want Sphaghetti.  You can open the Siri application and (in voice) ask “Where is the best Italian restaurant?”

What Siri will do is recognize your location (GPS), Figure out you want a recommended Italian restaurant near you, and give you a list of the restaurants and their Yelp or Yahoo reviews right in the application.

You can then read the reviews, call the restaurant, or view the results on a map.  A huge time saver.

Why would Apple purchase the company?   One option could be to get into the search market (Google has entered the phone market) and the other is to keep it out of the Android market.

I am not really expecting the second option to slow down Android at all.  If the people behind Siri can make such an application, I’m sure Google can modify some code they already have existing and roll it out.

However, it is a very interesting play on Apples part to get into this Virtual Assistant (read, easy to use search aggregator) market.  They are not a search company themselves, however; they pull together what you want to see in one easy to use application.  Apple shines in this area.

Realizing that the future is in ease of use, I applaud the purchase.

Let the Virtual Assistance Wars Begin.

Do you have another take on Apples purchase?  If so, drop me a line in the comments.