Have you noticed the complete proliferation of communication methods in the last few years?

First, we started with direct communication, then drums, smoke signals, mail, morse code, telephones, video calls, cell phones, email, instant messaging, forums, group chat, Facebook, Twitter and the list goes on …

How can you communicate in so many places when it is only you or your small group?  It doesn’t matter if it is a company of 1 or 100, I doubt you have the time to promote everywhere you want to.

So what to do?  I suggest a little repackaging and the use of great tools available (most for FREE) from the Internet.

Take for example this website, I write one post here.  It will automatically be put on my Facebook page, be sent as a tiny URL to Twitter, be made available via RSS, and be available for use auto-magically in an email mailing.

Write once, send out multiple times.

We have gone beyond the age of the website.  We are at the age of the Web Publishing System.

Fortunately, you do not need to be a geek, takes only a little of your time (you do have to write something) and has a core system which is used a million times a day.

Is your website capable of doing this for you?  If not, do you believe it should be capable of doing this for you?  I do.

Do you believe it takes a lot of time?  It doesn’t.  If you would like to see a video where I install and create a website in less than 9 minutes with the foundation of the system I am talking about, click here.

I hope you understand marketing on the web is still a wild frontier.  Tomorrow you will see more ways to get the message out than ever before.  However; which ones you should use will be very hard to decide.

If your website platform allows you to create automated processes to publish your message to many locations, you have a competitive advantage over your competition.

Isn’t that just part of business?