Class 201

Day 1 – SEO Analysis

Once you have started understanding HOW you can create posts (and don’t forget to learn many of the tricks), you can step up to learning how to create posts which have a much better chance of drawing the right kind of client to your website.

Day 2 – Search Engine Optimization

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Corey Eulas teaches SEO tips, tricks, and best practices proven to increase traffic from search engines. This talk includes examples with a look “under the hood” of a few actual sites owned by members of the audience. Discover how to enhance user experience and usability while making your site more search engine friendly.

Special thanks to the Microsoft NERD Centerfor hosting WordCamp Boston.


Boston 2010

Day 3 – Yet MORE about SEO (Because it can be a difficult topic)

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Joost de Valk spoke at A4UExpo London and his talk was captured on Video.

Joost is one of the preeminant SEO Exports for WordPress and his website is here.

On his website, he has SEO information written up as well, follow this link to read it.

This topic can be a bit difficult at times to follow, so I have many different takes on the subject.