SEO and PPC SoftwareArtificially Intelligent Websites and their Support Staff

Have you ever wondered how to quickly and easily check aspects of your website without spending hundreds of dollars on software and monthly services?

Every A.I. Website needs some help and input in order to rank well for your business with Google, Bing and Yahoo.

However; most people are not in the profession to figure out exactly what is going on with their website, their competitors and the SEO keyphrases needed to drive business.  It isn’t simple, nor is it easy.  If it was, just starting a blog should get you where you need to go.

Enter tools to make the job, if not easier, at least more easily understood.

Traffic Travis has both a free and paid version.  If you are only interested in lightly getting into Search Engine Optimization or Pay Per Click Advertising, you will be very satisfied with the free version of the software.

However; if you (like me) use the software for many of your clients or many different websites the Pro version is a good value at about $99.00 (which includes a 7 day trial for $5.00).

Traffic Travis includes:

Keyword Tools

A tool that allows you to search on a term (such as “home loan”) and it will quickly test Google, Yahoo and MSN to find out what their Daily search count is, and total the value for you.  You can import from a file (in case you used SKTOOL or Google Adwords and exported a list).  The tool defaults to bring back the top 200 keywords, however; it can go higher (and once you go past the ability of the Free version, it will bring up a dialog box to ask if you would like to upgrade, or click “Nevermind!”.)

Search Engine Tools

When you desire to rank your website for a certain phrase, you need a good baseline where you are, and how you are doing (better or worse).  Traffic Travis accomplishes this pretty simply and easily.  Which, is nice for a change.  Many of the tools on the internet are not clear and easy to use (in my opinion).  While I might caution you regarding the “backlinks to site” feature as it doesn’t always catch the totals, I believe it is a good check for your efforts.  If you believe it is wrong, and it was in my case for Google for a client, you will have to go to the search engine in question to get the right answer.   You have the ability to Add projects, edit them, and schedule projects to run while your doing something else and the software can consume your computer resources.

PPC Analysis

The tool allows you to select keyword (phrases) and then will check what your competitors are using.  To get the best results, you will need to do this daily to get a better reporting on how the results are changing.  The second major feature for this tab includes telling you what websites (competitors) are using the keywords and their rank over time.  If they stay highly ranked, the assumption is that they are making good money on these ads.  Otherwise, their money is poorly spent.  Check out the “Unique Ads” column to figure out how much competition you have for the ads.

Page Analysis

By entering the URL you wish to review and the keyword phrase you want to check, the tool will then return an easy (from Gradeschool) to understand ranking scale (A-F) and using the report answers tab will give you specific instructions to change your web page to get a better score.  This feature ALONE is worth your effort to download if you would like to understand some simple ways to better configure your pages for keyword phrases.

SEO Analysis

This is a great tool to use to spy on your competitors to see what they are doing, or have accomplished, to get their page rank in Google.  From the number of backlinks, keywords in title or description, and directories they have joined.  While you want to focus on the top 10, the software returns the top 20 sites for you to review.

Finally, a feature not readily apparent are the excellent, if short, videos which cleanly explain the features of the tab you just selected.  These videos allow you to get a quick summary overview of how to use the product.  For some, it will be enough, for others, it is a great way to begin your trek up the learning curve when it comes to accomplishing better page rankings!

When your Artificially Intelligent Website needs some staff support, I recommend you check out Traffic Travis.