Your website is just a tool with one purpose, increase income.

Many people talk about new ideas, new paradigms, new technologies which are going to turn everything upside down.


However, what if the “upside down” causes you to fall?

Your web marketing tools should be invisible to you. The idea is to create a process which fits your daily activities and offers you methods to reach your clients efficiently, effectively and easily.

If you are fighting getting content on your website, updating social sites and getting your email marketing done, you are using in-your-face technologies.

These technologies are stopping you from doing more for your clients, for your business and for yourself.

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As a note, I wrote this content from my iPhone, while eating lunch running an errand as the thought hit me. My salesperson (my website) automatically notified Google and Bing (which runs Yahoo search) of the updates, and updated my Twitter account with a link back to the website.

All before I got back from my errands… Talk about efficiency!