Ok, by now you should have heard of Twitter.  If you have not, you can click the link to see the site, or Google and read for hours!  Effectively, Twitter and Facebook are the main websites people talk about when they say ‘Social’, however; there are literally hundreds of other social sites which have devoted users and your job should be to interact with them without overwhelming yourself.

When you have customers / clients which come to your website and read your content, you really want them to share it!

One of the most powerful ways to sell is word of mouth from someone you trust.  Fortunately, it is not hard to add this feature to your website.

One of the plugins you can use is Social Bookmarks.  Please click the link to read all about the features and the author of this excellent plugin.

Here is a screenshot of the buttons this plugin will add to your posts:

These are only the default choices, there are many, many more available.

When you add this feature to your website, you give the reader a quick and easy way to promote your content, and your business, to others.

After all, don’t we want to make it easy to share information about you?