One Search Engine to Rule Them All…

Ok, maybe that is a little overboard, but with the latest calculations scoring Google with 65% of the Search Market, you can accomplish notifying 2/3’rds of the Search market by making sure you have told Google about EVERY page on your site.

How do you do this?  Simple!

If you are NOT using WordPress, do the following:
Go to and follow the instructions to create and save a sitemap.xml file to your website.
Place the following code (Change out the information in bold to your domain and file path) in your browser, this will tell Google to crawl your site and tell it where to locate your file:

If you are using WordPress

Download and activate the following Widget located here. ¬†Once you activate the widget, go to the settings for the widget and at the top it will have a link for you to run it the first time… Done!