Okay, so you have new content (Post) uploaded to your website.  While you can wait for Google and Bing (which, by the way, also drives Yahoo now) to come by and index your site again, you could also tap them on the shoulder and let them know you have something fresh!

Why do this?  Well, the search engines appreciate that you have fresh content, in fact you will get lower scores (index scores) if you do not have new content on your websites.

Now, we have two issues.  The first is that we need to tell them (ping them) we have new content. The second issue is we need to make sure they know about ALL of our content.

If you have been following our Web Content Framework conversations to date, you realize I am talking about what I have named “Susie”.

My thoughts are that at the core, your website is about sales, cold hard cash coming in the (figuratively) front door.

Now, you always need to be thinking how to get more sales, and marketing (specifically search engine marketing) should never be overlooked.  However, at times it is just not enough of a priority with everything else you do.  This is where your new hire, Susie, comes in.

When you post to your website, Susie is going to rebuild your Sitemap.xml file (used by Google and Bing) and then tell them that you have new content.  How does she do this?

You will need to get a plugin for WordPress called “Google XML Sitemaps” by Arne Brachhold which you will install in your CMS (WordPress) we spoke about last time.  It is free, although I suggest sending him a donation for his effort (usually I donate enough for a good cup of coffee).

When you setup this plugin (you activate it for the first time), it will create a Sitemap.xml file (which lists all of the URLs for the pages on your domain which Google and Bing can use for the indexing effort) and save it to your website.  Then, the plugin will tell the servers to come read the file for you.  Everytime you post new content, it will automatically rebuild your Sitemap.xml and update Google and Bing again.

How does this help you?  Well, it saves you Time and creates Opportunities for you.  By getting your content (good content is something you can buy as well) indexed in the search engines, you are effectively marketing to the world, trying to create opportunities to continue a conversation to end up in a sale.


So, you write some (excellent) content, and let your website, your Susie, do the rest.
Best Regards,