If you read my last post, I talked about how a client’s website handles much of his sales and marketing functions for the website. ¬†Here is an example of what a job listing for ‘her’ position would look like:

Want To Hire for Marketing and Sales group:

Looking to hire person responsible to handle sales and marketing functions related to Social and Email marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Web Marketing backups and other website support functions.

Must keep Twitter and Facebook updated.

Must keep Google and Bing (Yahoo) updated.

Must know how to create and keep up-to-date the Sitemap.xml file, and create a Sitemap page for better indexing.

Must create cross-links within the website in order to help potential clients find relevant information inside the content.

Must remember to backup the website database nightly and send offsite (if appropriate).

Needs to bring together all of the new posts content weekly into a email newsletter and send it out to the newsletter list.

Needs to report back on the results (how the website is doing).

Must be able to work anytime of the day or night, weekends and holidays.

Must do all of this, and basically remain invisible to your team.

Apply  quickly.

I call her … ‘Susie’

If you are interested on how you can hire your own Susie, stay tuned!
If you have any comments, or your website has automated some functionality that your Susie is doing, drop me a line!


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