Say No to Web Spam

As a WordPress administrator, you have to deal with web spam comments placed on your website.  From a business perspective, you do NOT want to allow web spam comments on your website – it creates non-relevant links off or your website hurting both your viewers and the web sites SEO PR numbers.

Below is an example of an email one of my example websites (not for general viewing) sent me today.  Notice the fact that the website is a BMW focused website, but the comment waiting to be reviewed is about saddle fitting advice.

Example WordPress Comment from Web Spam

A new comment on the post “mini2” is waiting for your approval

Author : saddle fitting advice (IP: ,
E-mail :
URL    :
Whois  :
When will you post again ? Been looking forward to this !


Tools to Combat Web Spam

Web spam is when someone places a comment on your website for the sole purpose of recieving a link-back to their website.  Generally, they will place a fairly generic ‘nice’ comment for you to accept.

These comments are (most of the time) actually an automated update to WordPress sites which are not protected against automated comments.

One of the easiest and most powerful ways to stop blog comments is to implement Akismet (included in all of the latest installations of WordPress).

Akismet is easy to setup ( and depending on your website (blog) use, can be free.  For businesses, it is fairly inexpensive.  If you have only a couple of spam comments coming in a month, you might not see a significant issue.  However; as soon as your website links start showing up in many places, your spam comments will start to become a significant daily chore.

You could use a plugin to require human interaction in your blogs and they are free, however; anytime you place a requirement in front of a potential commenter you risk causing them too much frustration to continue the effort.

There are many ways to stop the spam from ruining your productive afternoon and filling your website with useless comments. I have mentioned a couple here and you can find many more by searching for “WordPress spam plugins”.