IT seems natural to suggest that out of the different components which make up a Google Adwords campaign including: the campaign, ad groups, ads, keywords, negative keywords and the landing pages that a substantial amount of pundits suggest you start with the keywords of your campaign.

Maybe they feel that it allows a person to feel like they are in control, moving forward, accomplishing proactive actions … yada yada yada.

No, it isn’t helping.  I won’t suggest you start with your keywords because it is easy to suggest that you do.

Google Adwords

Building a business is hard, you don’t need to shy away from the fact that building a successful Google campaign can also be tough.  However; it isn’t too hard.  It is logical, relevant, measurable and teachable.

There are substantial tools, education, trainers and solution providers to make your foray into building a reproducible lead generation and business building effort successful and (somewhat) stress free.

Mind you, the less stress you feel probably means the more money you are paying out.

If Not Keywords First – Then What?


First you have to answer the same question which all businesses answer, “What am I selling which people need and I make a profit on?”  I believe too many people also fail to follow this up with the appropriate question, “Who am I NOT selling to?”

You see, your most important step, before you even begin building an Adwords account to propel your company forward into the profitable stratosphere of your dreams you need to know what your target market encompasses.

What do they look like?  How old are they? Are they male, female, 37-42, educated, English or Spanish speaking, within 10 miles of your brick and mortar store or all of North America?  What do they need to know about your business or products to feel the TRUST to purchase from you?  Do you need to offer (front and foremost) a return policy to move them to purchase?  These questions help define who you are targeting with your ads and the necessary calls to action to help make a conversion.

Are you going to sell services?  Great, which one?  You aren’t going to move forward with selling them ALL in your first effort are you?  Which of your services is profitable enough so that as you attain new business, the profit covers the cost of your advertising efforts?  Are you expecting to pay the costs through the ‘future value’ of each new client?  Future value is an excellent way to spend yourself into closing your business before the new business returns enough profit to cover your acquisition cost(s) if you are not careful.

Who are you NOT selling to?  People searching for something free?  People searching for jobs in your field?  Well, make sure you place negative keywords such as: Free, DIY, Training, Employment, Jobs and their many synonyms and derivatives into your negative keywords to increase your effectiveness and lower your expenses on your campaign.

Are You Only Giving Me More Questions?  I Have Plenty Of Those!


It is often quoted that the right answer comes from asking the right question, and I totally agree.  However; being peppered with questions only tends to make me feel as if the world is stripping all of my hope away.  I need some ideas!

Let’s do that right now.

1) What Product are you going to promote which is PROFITABLE? ___________________________________________________________    (Answer only 1 at this time, reuse this template when you have your first Ad Group complete)


2) What is your Call to Action? __________________________________________________________  (Call Now!  Free Engine Review for First 50 Responders! Download Free e-Book ‘Top 5 Roofs for North Texas Homes’)


3) What Language are you going to target? _______________________________________________________


4) What locality (10 miles around your business, all of your state, the United States?) ________________________________________


5) How are you going to TRACK the results? ______________________________________________________  (Landing page, special phone number tracking, ask new clients where they heard about you, etc.)


Congratulations, you have started down the path of an effective method to start a successful Google Adwords program.  If you would like to find out how Simple Steps IT, a certified Google Adwords provider, can help your company build a rock solid campaign please contact us.

If you would like to find more information, direct from Google on the first steps to building your campaign please continue on Google’s website training here.