Free WordPress Themes – and some Not So Free, but Cheap!

My, do those three words (Free WordPress Themes) get a small business person’s heart pumping?

Instead of listing my favorite free WordPress themes, I am going to instead link to a few excellently done compilations done by others around the net-verse.

However, there is a small warning.  If you are new to the ‘free’ theme market, be aware that there are themes which will place links to websites (often online casinos) encrypted and embedded in the footer of the theme.  Their hope is that you will either ignore the link, or consider it too much of a pain to try and pull the code back out.  Usually, they will say something like “Designed by: XYZ.  Sponsored by: Football Games, Video Games, ETC.”  and all of these are links to websites of questionable ethics at times.

Personally, I don’t want links to other websites on mine, so I consider this too high of a ‘cost’ to use these themes.

1)  First, I love up to date lists.  The following Best WordPress Themes 2010 is done by Kyle on Blogging Experiment.  In the post, he mentions he will be updating his list throughout this year and I really applaud this devotion and he receives top billing in this post.

2) This list isn’t about free, however; it gives the reader a really good understanding of the approximate cost of good themes going rates.  You can see this list by Inspired Mag under their title The Most Creative 50 WordPress Themes of 2009.

3) Going back to the beginning of 2009, BlogPerfume has an article titled 45 Best Free WordPress Themes of all Time.  However; I also highly suggest you just go to the blog and click on the browse by Theme option, they have a large amount of really great free and pretty inexpensive theme selections (up to date) as well.

4) It isn’t like 2009 had a bad design bump, SmashingMagazine put together a 100 Amazing Free WordPress Themes for 2009 list, which followed their 100 Excellent Free WordPress Themes list from the previous year.  Check out both of these lists and see if anything sparks your interest!

So, 4 major sections a total of 6 different lists and hundreds of Free WordPress Themes, I think you have a good start to seeing what is available outside of the themes already available inside your WordPress Dashboard when you search for new themes.