I am presently in a clients office waiting on him to get here. I realize that it is not the best situation, I have plenty of other tasks.

Well, I am typing this post on my smart-phone (iPhone for me) and I am going to send the post and load it to my website.

All websites are built with something, after using everything from HTML, .asp, .aspx, DotNetNuke and Joomla, I have been most impressed with WordPress.


Ease of install, ease of use, literally over a million websites (well tested), updated constantly, great 3rd party support, wonderful templating system, great search engine integration options and RSS and ATOM protocol features.  Basically, everything I need to create an automated website with conversation (social) opportunities already built in.

So, exactly the foundation and support we need to give our companies the tools to move ahead with web marketing and web sales efforts, while enhancing our ability to do this on our own terms.  For instance, from my phone!

With that thought, I am going to close this post and allow our ‘Susie’ to go tell Google and Bing about my new content, and update my Twitter feed.

Have a great day!