MeeboMe, an excellent addition to your Artificially Intelligent WebsiteI recently had one of my clients request a chat widget for their Artificially Intelligent Website and this request prompted me to write about “MeeboMe”.

MeeboMe is a widget you can place on any website with a little HTML from their builder located on the website

When you are marketing your small business, you need the ability to get prompted by your clients at any moment.  This chat widget allows this opportunity by not only creating an instant (and free) chat client (running inside of a browser), but also by allowing you to link to your other IM clients (AOL, IM, Yahoo etc).

Options you can change include the color scheme, widget title, User name and size of the widget.

Here is an example of the code their builder will give you after answering just a few questions:

<!– Beginning of meebo me widget code.
Want to talk with visitors on your page?
Go to and get your widget! –>
<embed src=”” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”300″ height=”300″></embed>

You will notice there is not very much, in fact, you can add this code to a regular website, a WordPress website (using the Widgets->Text/HTML widget) or other CMS systems available to you.

From a developer’s perspective, they have made this drop-dead easy.  Just the way I like it!

As with all areas in the artificially intelligent website, we want functionality, not difficulty.  If the opportunity to promote your business takes (honestly) less than 10 minutes to accomplish, what is there not to like?

There is nothing stopping you from adding this feature, trying it out, and if it does not work for your company or sales process, to kill the option quickly, and easily.

There is no setup-fee, no monthly-fee, no cost(s) associated with MeeboMe in any way.  You will see advertisements on the web page when you are signed in, however; you can un-dock the message window and place it on your desktop.

There are other ways to use this product, other than for your sales.  Consider it for support, and ways to allow users to connect with certain people in your company.  What about creating a ‘page’ of widgets which  allow someone to browse who is online at any one time?  Maybe you have multiple sales people, and you could have a page with 9 chat windows for each sales person.  If the person is signed in, it will show in the widget that they are available.  Instant selection!

What do you think?  Does your company use a chat widget for their website?  If so, how has it benefited your company?