Growing In Resources, Talent and Hardware


I am proud to be able to announce that Simple Steps IT is growing in multiple areas.  This blog post is going to just name a couple of items we either have accomplished, or will accomplish in the next few days.

New Resources: People.

Simple Steps IT has been moving along with a very small staff, however; that has changed.  We have hired our first project manager (Adam) to over see some of the smaller projects and clients leaving Mike able to continue focusing on those clients who request the personal interaction, consulting and advice that niche of our business has worked so well to date.

However; due to the ‘minimum’ monthly spend a typical Simple Steps IT client required to sign on with us, we have had to bypass great companies who are just starting out in the field.

No Longer is that the case.  We are looking forward to revamping our message and website to support those clients who need Internet Marketing Consulting, Research and Implementation who desire due to budget, or lack of competition to keep their monthly spend at a lower amount.

New Strategies and Software

Due to the latest “Zoo” update (what the SEO field calls the Panda, Penguin, etc. updates) we have had to modify some of our tactics in the Organic Search Engine Optimization field.  While our clients were not hurt with Penguin (the latest update) since we are aware of the big “no-no’s”, we still have to focus on what seems to be working ‘now’ to help our clients become King of the Sandpile, or simply just to retain their crown.

To this end, we have been researching new tactics and strategies and testing those strategies on internal sites to confirm they:

1) Don’t do any harm

2) Don’t seem to create a future risk (nothing is perfect)

3) Are scalable

While some tactics are pretty effective, being able to scale the effort across the necessary pages, websites and domains at a cost-effective  clip precludes us from using some of them at the moment.

New Build Outs for Social Groups

There is one thing which you loose after working in Internet Marketing for a while, and that is that behind the scenes it takes a LOT of effort and connections to make movements when you are in a competitive environment.

While you can hope that some of your content will go viral and make a big splash, you start to realize that a lot of the ‘viral’ stories have been helped along by someone behind the scenes.  You have to have a pretty big content syndication network to help push your efforts in all of the different spheres of influence, including Social.

Simple Steps IT has closed the effort to create a network of over 5,000 contacts.  This allows us to start pushing influence effectively and very ‘white hat’.

New SEO Hardware

We have literally just brought our co-located server (Windows Server 2008 R2) online minutes ago and our IT Admin is updating all of the software before moving it into a production status.  He has to load the software(s) to run our 24/7 SEO tools, Proxies and Article Support Tools and we expect to finish this update by this weekend.

New Reporting

Our monthly clients should all have been introduced to the new SEO reporting dashboard in the last week.  A much cleaner and complete interface allowing our clients to review results at any time with their own usernames and passwords.

If you have not been updated about the new dashboard, please contact us and we will send out the information to you directly.

What does this mean for You?

More Results – as Quick as Google Allows.

While it was very ‘cool’ to see results in mere minutes as recently as 18 months ago, it has been obvious that for us to continue brining the ‘right’ solutions, we have to be a little more patient.

Yes, we expect to get many of the actual pages indexed very quickly, however; to have them reach higher in the SERPS, we have to be circumspect about just how quickly we can push before Google Pushes back.  I don’t care how big a stick we bring (anyone for that matter), Google’s stick will win every time.

If it looks like they might not win?  Well, then they change the rules (Penguin, Panda anyone?)

Here’s looking to a great 2012 and moving forward with success!