Simple Steps I.T. WordPress Training

Welcome to the one class that can help your company:

  • Bring in more sales
  • Support your clients effectively
  • Reduce Support Calls
  • Produce Newsletters (using MailChimp and WordPress Integration)
  • Support Your Social Tweets and Comments

All of this (and more) your company can accomplish by implementing an Artificially Intelligent Website using WordPress as the Content Management System foundation.

We have the following 10 classes to help your company understand how to use WordPress and move you forward with your successful future.  All of these classes have a video and document training support for your use.

These resources are free to use, however; we do not ‘support’ the training free of charge.  If you would like to discuss how to implement compelling marketing and sales tools and tactics using these tools, please contact us!

Best Regards,

Michael Anderle


Class 1 – How to Signup with

Class 2 – Change Your Settings

Class 3 – User Settings and User Photos

Class 4 – Changing the Look of the Website

Class 5 – Customizing Theme Twenty Ten

Class 6 – How to Easily Add Extra Functionality to your Website

Class 7 and 8 – Intro to Pages and Create an About Page

Class 9 – Creating the Contact Page

Class 10 – Adding Content (Posts)