The 5 second description of an Artificially Intelligent Website

An Artificially Intelligent Website is the blending of a regular set of website tools and additional automated marketing and administrative support functionality.   (There is the 5 seconds … here comes the 1 minute explanation).

So, for example, when you create your post from your computer, iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry or email, your website has the functionality and connections built in to immediately update your Twitter account, Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

The next step your website performs for you is to automatically update Google and Bing – performing needed services to speed up your organic searching tasks.

Either once or twice a day, some administration functionality automatically backs up your database, code, support files and everything you need to replace your website and sends it ‘offsite’.

Once a week, or once a month, an email is sent out automatically from your posts to those subscribers interested in receiving updates without you spending more time and effort to put it together.

To finalize I have two lists of responsibility.  The first list is what you are required to do, the second list is what your website is required to do.  If you are doing (or not even accomplishing) items in the second list, it is time you think about moving to the future.

Your Responsibility:

  • Write a post

The Websites Responsibility:

  • Update Twitter Account
  • Update Facebook Account
  • Update LinkedIn
  • Create Email from weekly Posts
  • Back up website daily
  • Copy backup offsite daily
  • Create sitemap.xml file for search engines
  • Notify Google of new sitemap.xml
  • Notify Bing of new sitemap.xml