SEO means Search Engine Optimization… Also, Search Engine Friendly.

In other words, easy for Google (the main search engine) to figure out and index your website.

You do want this, and with a couple of tweaks to your website setup, it is not hard at all!

If you are using my setup instructions, you will login to the admin panel on your website and click on the Settings Option at the bottom in the dashboard.

First, make sure you have a “Blog Title” and “Tagline” filled in.

Also, you need to change where it says “WordPress Address” to include your full URL like “Http://”.  Do the same for the line marked “Blog address (URL)”.  Click Save Changes at the bottom.

Now, Under Settings > Permalink, find the “Custom Structure” button (at the bottom).  The text entry area to the right is empty, I want you to type in the following:     /%postname%.html


That is it for now!  You have helped your Content Management System to create Links which Google, and other, Search engines will find easier to follow!