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Simple Steps IT Search News is your monthly source to keep you up to date on the latest trends in search engine marketing. You’ll know about emerging trends in online marketing and we’ll explain how those trends can be put to use in your business.

Today’s Mozcast is Hot and Stormy…

Google is constantly updating its search algorithms. SEOMoz recently launched a metric and website, appropriately dubbed Mozcast, to track the frequency and level of changes.

Search engine marketing is all about optimizing your website so that Google can find your content, think “this is great stuff!” and put it on the first page for your prospects. Mozcast is a great tool for determining whether ranking changes you see are systemic or, happening only to you. In these 5-day and 30-day Mozcast reports, changes are portrayed in terms of the weather. A hot and stormy day means that Google is changing rankings!

If we notice your ranking is falling…and the Mozcast is Cool with Clear Skies, we’ll know that your campaign changes are not due to Google making changes, but rather, we need to pay close attention to your specific campaign to get you back on top, where you ought to be.

How to Turn a First-Rate Video into a First-Rank Video

Each month YouTube receives over 800 million unique visitors who watch more than 3 billion hours of video. Making a creative and compelling video is a powerful way to market your Automotive Dealership. After completing your finished product, how do you go about ensuring that YouTube browsers find your video?

For starters, you’ll need an enticing title that calls potential viewers to action. Take the time to do some keyword research. YouTube allows you to include “descriptive tags”–You’ll want to take advantage of the opportunity and include at least 10 keywords here. We’ll also let you in on a well-kept secret about YouTube…Google transcribes YouTube videos and they use these transcriptions to rank your videos. Well that sounds convenient…except for the fact that they don’t always get it right. If you want your video to rank well, transcribe it word for word.

YouTube also factors in social signals. Are people commenting on your video? Even better, are they submitting video responses? Are people tweeting, liking, mentioning your video on Google+? These social signals carry significant weight as well.

Did you know that you get even more points from YouTube by submitting good stuff often? Keep your YouTube channel relevant and consistent.

If this seems like an awful lot to execute, it is. Let us help you take your video from first-rate to first-rank. 

Digg Repurposed

Digg has been repurposed for the needs of users in 2012. A Digg score is given to a website based on users’ Diggs, or votes for the content. Digg is also incorporating the number of Facebook likes and Tweets into their process for scoring webpages. The pages with the highest Digg scores will be featured most prominently on Digg.com.

What does this mean for your Automobile Dealership? Digg scores may join the ranks of other prominent social signals that search engines take into account when ranking webpages.

Only time will tell if Digg will truly become a force to be reckoned with, but we are paying close attention to the advancements Digg makes and will continue to keep you informed.

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