I met Richard up in the beautiful Lake Arrowhead Resort area of California (about 90 miles East of Los Angeles).

He and his sweet wife Kitty have a business selling Richards prints. 

For many years, they have travelled to different shows around California.  Richard has many of the nations highest ranking military professionals as collectors of his artwork.

When they got in touch with me, they were looking to get online.  After meeting with Richard for coffee, I tried to give them some advice on how to accomplish what they wanted to do with eBay.  I did a few odds and ends support and a few weeks later, I went down the mountain when it looked like I was going to get trapped in snow up on the mountain with my boys right at the end of the year.

Richard called me about two weeks after we last spoke, and explained that he and his wife decided they did not want to follow the eBay route, were going to have a show in a couple of days, had signed up with two Internet providers, nothing was working correctly after days of frustration with technical support and could I help?

Now, I had met with Richard and Kitty, and was rather committed to their success getting online.  So I told him I needed some information from his accounts and I would track down what happened, and what I could do.

Boy, it was a mess!

After spending a couple of hours tracking down which host owned what services, and playing with the second host’s ‘create a website’ services, I called Richard back.

I talked with Richard and explained I was taking him off of one of his providers and leaving him on HostGator, that we needed to stop any DNS changes the other might be doing, cancel them, and give me another couple of hours…

I finally called Richard back about 2:00 in the afternoon.  I had a website ‘UP’ for him, with a quick blurb about their new website and the show they were about to do.  I had a new email setup for him, and that we would talk after they had a wonderful show.

Richard was happy happy!

Personally, I was very satisfied.  I had pulled the situation apart, figured out how to get the Lowe’s back online, had a good looking website up and running and all done in a few hours.

When we got back together, Richard gave me another challenge… He started with “We want to sell from our website… Can we add that?’

The answer?  YES!  How?  Well, give me a couple of hours…