Today, I want to bring another person’s perspective on what they are doing with QR Codes.

Doug Grant is the President of Westamerica Graphics in Foothill Ranch, California.  They have been in the printing business (and expanded into integrated marketing capabilities) since 1977.

I asked Doug for a comment on what they have done with QR Codes in the last 12 months.  I have copied his response from the reply directly below.

For another take on QR Codes, software, and ways to use QR Codes, read Doug’s Blog here.

We added a QR code to the back of our new business cards.  The code directs
the recipient to a personalized profile page about each of our reps.  For
non-reps, the code points to a general article about QR codes on our site.
We did this to raise awareness about QR codes and how they can be used to
direct content to mobile devices.  RE: awareness, I doubt many of our
clients had any knowledge about QR codes a year ago (I don’t think we did
either).  Still today, many clients are hearing about them for the first
time when we introduce the topic.  So, it’s still very early in adoption
here in the US.  I’m starting to see some use of QR codes in magazine ads.


So, how do QR codes fit into an Artificially Intelligent Website?  Easy, it has the ability to automate your prospects efforts making it easier for them to find you, become interested in your abilities and plug your information into their data management systems.

Finally, it allows you to track your marketing efforts in new and exciting ways.  What do you think about QR Codes?