Okay, everyone should know that websites which are useful for sales take content.  Sometimes, lots of content.

In a Content Management System, this content (not including images, pdf’s, video’s etc.) all reside in your database.

Now, for most of my clients, the database isn’t that big.  However; remembering to backup the database is a complete pain since we have SO much more going on in our businesses.

So… let Susie do it.

How we add this functionality to Susie is pretty straightforward. (See other Posts which talk about Susie).

You will go into the Plugins area of your WordPress Dashboard and click the “Add New” option.  Search for the plugin “Wp-DB-Backup” and locate the plugin released by Austin Matzko (version 2.2.2 as of this time).  On the right hand side of the page is the option to Install, click the link.

Follow the instructions until the Plugin has been installed.

Once this is completed, you will have a new menu choice under “Tools > Backup”.  When you select this, you will get the setup page which allows you to manually create a backup any time you wish.

However; that isn’t the point of Susie, now is it?

Scroll down a little on the page and you will find the automatic features of the plugin.  Select the tables you wish to backup (if you have loaded extra tables) and the backup frequency (hourly, 2x daily, daily etc) and fill in your email address.

Now, if you are concerned about email issues, I suggest setting up a separate Admin email address (at Google if you like) which you will forward your emails to so that they do not hog up your work email.  Why not send them straight?  You can, just make sure you remember to check the email location from time to time to make sure it is still working.  If you send it to your work address, you always see the file and can delete old ones, or forward the email manually which would be Susie’s way of telling you the work was completed!

Hopefully, you will take the few minutes necessary to set this up.  If you have a complete fubar by installing code (or a bad situation with your hosting provider), you know you have all of your precious sales (and comments) content safe and sound.