St Anne’s Public House


Here, we helped our client move from a Adobe Flash(tm) based website, to a WordPress driven website.

The client wanted the ability to update their website easily, and to take advantage of organic search engine opportunities which Flash does not make available.

Bausch & Lomb


Here, we created a simple and straightforward educational / marketing website for Bausch & Lomb Akreos MICS product line.

This website was built to support delivering marketing information to Doctors and Salespeople in the field quickly (we brought it up in less than 1 week) while other websites were being built internally.

Hollywood Farms


Our client came to us with some of the branding images already created and asked us to use them when creating the website.

This client desired that we make the website look like it was a billboard on a barn.

Easy to use and easy to update, their website allows users within their production company to add content whenever they need to quickly and easily.

Influence Ecology


Simple and Clean, the words are the message.

Here, our client desired less ‘flash’ and more options both within the website, and ‘behind’ (or secured behind) the website.

Built with an advanced theme, this client can change the size and shape of items on the page at will within the web browser itself without ever needing to call our company or another web support group.

Using the latest RSS Feeds, our client is implementing some of the most effective marketing efforts while minimizing their time and resources to promote their offerings.

American Capital Corporation


Using advanced Themes, high-level administrative automation and Social, Email and Web Chat integration, out client is working their website hard.

Supporting their brand efforts across many vehicles (including radio and online advertising)  this website is focused on driving their potential customers to the website in order to capture lead interest and help support their efforts to purchase the home of their dreams quickly and with the least amount of effort as possible.

Peak Professional Business Management


In a rut to get their website ‘out’, Peak Professional Management called on us to help them.

While they had the look and feel they wanted, the previous company had tried to implement the solution using Microsoft .Net web tools.

Unfortunately, when our client wanted to move their new hosting provider, the .Net solution did not playwell with a Linux (Unix) hosting solution.

Since we could understand easily what they needed, this website came together and was online in 3 days.  This time included building from scratch a theme to closely match their existing look and feel.

The OC Loan Guy


This website will be a 5 month work-in-progress (July 2010 – November 2010)

Our client wants a website where he can be found (clients sell their houses on average every 5-7 years), but also to be a base to start implementing SEO and other Internet Marketing efforts to drive business to him and to get his name out in the marketplace.

While we have the website up and running, we are starting a multi-month process to load the website with content and continue to work  seeding articles which create backlinks and other SEO tactics to increase the SERP results for this website.