Say ‘Hello’ to Simple Steps’ newest client, Peak Professional Business Management.

Talk about a fast turnaround!  I was doing a quick show and tell to this client on Monday night, and gave them a quick example of how they could use the process I suggest to get them online quickly.  I left them an email late Monday night, went to bed and started working on my guide Tuesday morning.

I knew they had a website, built with Microsoft’s .Net technology which was causing them a few fits.

On Tuesday morning, I received a call asking if I would be willing to take my example and finish it out for them.

I agreed, and by Wednesday they were not only off of a Microsoft Hosting platform and had installed the CMS, I had completed their theme and had it installed in record time.  Mind you, none of us were working on this full time.

Then, due to DNS and FTP issues … the client accidentally deleted my work… Talk about a small oops.

Not too much to worry about.  I had a few working files left over, and in 45 minutes I had them back to the level of completeness before the files went missing.

Presently, they are finishing the edits to the content, and have gone ‘live’ to the world as of this afternoon.

That is what I like to call – 1..2..3.. Done!