Automotive Blog Rule #8 – NEVER hit competitor companies below the belt.


Automotive Blog Marketing - SEOThe car industry is one that is notoriously cutthroat, and it’s not uncommon for different dealerships to cultivate a certain level of friendly rivalry. Competition can always help spur your sales staff into getting more interest in the cars you have on your dealership lots, and you can always bet that it will come with a lot of great benefits.

Sometimes, the competition isn’t so friendly, but you should never let this get out of hand. One of the very worst marketing mistakes that you can do with a dealership blog is to insult other dealerships in your blog posts. There are several reasons why this is such an awful idea.

Reason #1: It makes YOU look bad to YOUR potential buyers.

Though you might think that it will direct your potential customers away from other local dealerships in your area, it will actually cause the exact opposite to happen. A dealership that has to resort to insulting or poking fun at other dealerships often has major problems with its PR, and will always make people wonder about other business tactics that they use.

So, instead of making other dealerships look bad, you’ll make your company look awful.

Reason #2: It could be a potential lawsuit. 

Saying the wrong negative thing about a company – especially a dealership that doesn’t have a very friendly form of competition with yours – can result in libel suits. If the things that you say about the dealership are not true, it will be an almost guaranteed lawsuit. And, should a gaffe like a lawsuit explode onto local newspapers, it could easily bury your dealership.

Reason #3: It’s just not right

Let’s face it – there is something to be said about being able to say that you have a very fair and honest advertising campaign. It feels good to know that you are doing things the right way, and people will also react to your dealership in a much more trusting manner.

Reason #4: The Golden Rule

Would you want someone to say terrible things about your dealership? Then why would you do it to their dealership? In areas of business, it’s pretty easy to see that whatever bad tactics go around, often come right back to the offending party.

Don’t risk your business by using terrible tactics to hurt other companies near you.