Rule #7 – Don’t reveal everything in your Automotive Blog about the new car quite yet…


Automotive Marketing, SEO, Blog PostsA very wise person once said that “spilling your guts is as attractive as it sounds.” This quote was originally directed towards people who tell too much about themselves after an initial meeting, but it can also be good advice to dealership bloggers who want to keep people reading. The truth is that people love a mystery, and that people will always shy away from dealerships that are too descriptive or too advertorial in their blog posts.

Blogs, as a general rule, are also supposed to be light and easy reading – in other words, reading your blog should be as easy as it possibly can. This means that longer blog posts generally don’t go as well as one would hope, and that readers also won’t react well to an information overload.

Readers don’t like to feel like they have to read 1,000 to 2,000 words on a given subject, because it’s too long for them to read casually. Try to stick to 400 to 600 words for a typical blog post.  Anyone who has ever read an extremely detailed technical description of a car can agree that it takes a lot of effort to do so. So, keep the tech talk to a minimum.

In order to keep your blog informative, fun, and reader-friendly, you need to introduce new details about your cars, your dealership, and your events in a short and simple manner. Focus on one aspect of the car model at a time.

For instance, talking about the new sleek interior design of the latest dealership addition will fare much better with readers than rattling off ten different new upgrades in the same car and discussing them in great detail.

Generate Excitement

If you want to get people interested in what you are going to talk about next, try to allude to the next post that you have scheduled. Get people wondering what you have in store for your next post once in a while, especially if it is something that is related to a dealership event. Events are always more popular when you have created a “buzz” about it before they happen, so  always make sure that people know if your dealership will be giving away prizes at the next event.

Finally, don’t forget to connect your Social Media (Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter etc.) efforts with your events to push your attendance!