Rule #6 – Drop the ads!


Remember, this is about your blog site, not your main dealership site.


Automotive Marketing SEO Adwords Example

It’s quite tempting to allow your service provider to post a slew of ads on your website as a way to increase revenue from your dealership site. After all, having a site that pays for itself sounds like it would be very cost-effective, and it initially sounds like nothing bad could come of it for your dealership.

The fact is that this couldn’t be further from the truth.


Ads are seen on almost every single website that you’ll see, but the problem is that the websites that post ads are doing it because that is often one of the very few sources of revenue that the site receives. In many cases, it’s a site that is devoted to something that isn’t supposed to be professional, which makes it acceptable for the site to be laid out in a not-so-professional way.

Posting ads on a dealership website sends a pretty bad message to potential customers. The way that customers perceive ad-riddled sites is not good at all, and it means a lot of different (negative) things to customers. It means that you are really trying to milk customers for all they are worth through ad revenue. It means that you aren’t making enough money through your car sales to keep advertising from 3rd parties off your page.  Worst of all, it means that you really aren’t taking your dealership blog seriously. Even worse, some customers would begin to doubt the legitimacy of your dealership if too many ads are on your company’s blog.

Granted, there is a difference between posting silent and barely noticeable car-related ads, and posting loud, obnoxious video ads about laundry on your site. It would be foolish to say that all ads are the same when it comes to how they are perceived by those who are following your dealership’s blog. Those who do decide to post ads on their blog should be aware of the different levels of advertisement.

Please do not Auto-Load Video’s on your Automotive Blog

If you have to put ads on your dealership blog, avoid posting videos that automatically start when the page is loaded. This is the easiest way to upset customers, to distract them from reading your blog posts, and also keep them from visiting your blog again. But really, when ads send such an awful message to your potential customers, can you really risk upsetting them by posting ads all over your blog?