Rule #5 – Don’t be too enthusiastic.


Automobile Marketing SEOIf you are a frequent reader of business blogs, you have probably seen that blog – the blog that is so overly enthusiastic about the products it’s touting that it is beyond belief. Though sales staff love to show their enthusiasm for both the companies that hired them, and the products that they are selling, there is a certain point where too much excitement can actually damage a marketing campaign. Are you worried that you might be pushing the envelope with your spunk and zest? Make sure that you aren’t doing any of these major mistakes.

  • Avoid using too many exclamation points!! It’s the most annoying punctuation gaffe ever!!!! Try to limit yourself to one exclamation point every two paragraphs, or it will sound as if you are a 13 year old girl talking to her friends!!!
  • You don’t need to repeat how your product is the best product in the world. If you are writing your sales copy well, it will become self apparent. Too many times, a marketing campaign’s articles ruin a marketing campaign’s efforts by being overly redundant.
  • Don’t use too much bold or italicized text in your blog articles. Though bolding your print will drag eyes to it, it can definitely be overkill in large amounts. In even larger amounts, it will turn your blog into a complete eyesore.
  • Never, ever, ever lie about the cars in your dealership lots. If your car doesn’t come with performance suspension, don’t say that it does. This should be common sense.
  • Keep your text descriptive, but don’t go on and on about certain features. Though a 400 word article can help you sell one of your new dealership cars, a 2,000 word article will actually sabotage your selling endeavors.
  • Always remember that the key to excellent sales is to let the product sell itself. Show the product’s great features, excellent design, and decent mileage. Your cars are quality cars. You don’t have to continually reinforce that fact.


But…enthusiasm is supposed to be good, right? What happens if I have too much enthusiasm in my blog writing?

  • As a general rule, if you have to oversell something, people will always grow wary of what you are trying to sell. They will wonder why you are working so hard at selling your cars, and they will think twice about going to your dealership.

You also won’t appear to be a professional dealership. Professionalism matters a lot when it comes to getting sales.

So, really, can we tone down the enthusiasm a bit?