Rule #4 – Stick to the topic. 


Auto Marketing SEO Targe MarketDon’t Ramble

Though it is often a shame to say, there are too many times when a writer simply seems to ramble on and on about nothing in particular in their blog. Scarily enough, many of these writers actually write for dealership blogs.

When you see a blog or an article that doesn’t really make any sense in particular, you have probably seen how disastrous a long-winded, ranting, rambling blog can be for a dealership’s marketing campaign. No one takes a blog seriously if it can’t stay on topic.

Choose a Topic

Being unable to stick to the topic can come in a variety of different ways. The most common (and also damaging) way it can happen is when you can’t even stick to the topic in a single blog post. If the beginning of your blog begins with the unveiling of a new car on the lot, but ends with a charity event posting, you are not doing your blog a favor.

Another common way to stay off topic that frequently happens is to miscategorize your blog posts. If you say that you are going to write about a single topic, write about that topic. Categorize each blog post in a way that makes sense.


Keep the Writing Cohesive

It’s also important to realize that though dealership blogs can occasionally write about a car brand as a lifestyle choice (ex. – Fun things to do that drivers would enjoy in the area), making the dealership site a blog about everything is going to be confusing.

You have to find a way to tie in your car dealership, the manufacturer of your cars, or the cars themselves, into each blog post. Suddenly talking about the new reality TV show series on MTV will confuse your readers, especially when it comes to figuring out why you would write about something like that for your car dealership.

Don’t Be Discouraged

Sure, writing for a dealership blog might occasionally seem a chore (or you might always find it a chore). Your topics could be limited, and you will have to stay abreast of the information that really pertains to your customers in order to write great blog posts. However, consistency in your writing will help show your customers that you are a professional and focused dealership.

Your dealership needs to have a focused, professional, and knowledgeable air about it in order to continue creating relationships from it. By staying on track, you are helping bring customers to your dealership lots, and you are also giving your dealership a reputation boost.

How Consistency Affects Your Search Ranking

Finally, consistency allows your Search Engine Optimization as well.  When the search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) see a consistent message about a subject, they increase the PR (Page Rank) associated with your website which helps your rankings.

Higher rankings means more potential clients see your information when they are searching.  Which, eventually, should lead to more customers reviewing YOUR website when they are in the market.