Just a few days ago, I spent an evening giving a presentation at the Saddleback@Work Business Connections event.

My presentation was titled “How to Get Your Information in the 21st Century” and we had close to 25 people in the room. I enjoyed the conversations and delivering the information, ending the talk with an example of augmented information delivery.

To accomplish the demo I took my iPad2 and connected it to the projector. From there, I showed a program called StarWalk (see picture) which augments what you see with information on top of it.
Augemented Reality
It was a jaw-dropping example for many in the room seeing for the first time the future of information retrieval.

What strikes me about the current situation is how technology has, and continues, to create new ways to overthrow the ‘old guard’ in industry after industry.

Old News Guard – R.I.P.
Old Music Guard – R.I.P.
Old Movies Guard – R.I.P.
Old Advertising Models – R.I.P.
Old Work Models – R.I.P.

The list goes on and on.

Many people who worked in the auto-industry are probably shaking their heads as they went through this a few decades ago when their industry was made more efficient with robotics. Thousands were left on the side of the road to productivity.  Some never recovered.

Technology and the new abilities it provides will not abate. In fact, expect more from the next 10 years, not less.

If your industry has already had one decimation, do not sit believing you have survived at last – get ready, another pass in coming.

If you have a company which has a more complex selling cycle (pretty much any sales cycle where you have sales people) I suggest you focus on the basics.

Relationships – Trust – Knowledge

The sales cycle is just that, a cycle. A well understood process. Spend a little time mapping out the different stages your company goes through. Apply time frames to each step, each tactic your company tries to accomplish and then sleep on it.

Get up the next day and figure out how each step can be handled better, more efficiently. Some steps made better through the use of technology, some through a better understanding of what humans want and need in life.

You must become a student in order to beat the future. You are going to embrace it, or be another statistic in your profession.

If you want to remain ahead of the curve, you must embrace this new course of understanding.

Over the years, I’ve had opportunities given (or thrust upon me) where I have pondered what works best about selling, and closing opportunities, and just being a good person.  I needed to make the efforts happen ‘quickly’, and yet some things I couldn’t push through with all of the focus and determination I could muster.

And I learned.

Last year I pulled my thoughts together and named this necessary merging of Relationships, Sales and Technology “Relationology”.

You can get ahead of the curve, and if you have been successful in the past, you can become more successful in the future if you are willing to be sincere, to care for your clients, to work harder than ever, and understand their business and how to use technology to be better than your competition.

I believe you can also enjoy it.

You are in for a great ride, whether you want it, or not.