Marketing Your Business Using YouTube – Part 2Your Go To Market Advertising Provider is Who?


Way back when, the olden days, when time began (which is to say just a few short years ago) small business owners had few choices on how to run their own adverting campaigns and fewer ways to direct the efforts themselves.

Today, it would be difficult to understand all of the options and methods available through the thousands of companies hawking their services and products.

Fortunately, the human mind does this amazing practice of filtering by “he (or she) who is biggest, must be the best”.

Now, we typically often hear from all of the underdogs that they are better by just being ‘fresh’.  If the dominant industry leader is not iterating and refining their services then the underdogs have a very valid point.

However; considering that the owner of “the biggest and the best” online advertising is Google even die-hard Apple fans have to accept that if anything, Google does NOT rest on their previous efforts.  They are consistently and constantly refining and defining what it means to build an advertising platform for the interconnected and online engaged people around the world.

Word of Mouth is the Strongest Sales Tool – Period


If you want the absolute best way to convince a person that your product or services are worthy of being purchased, you want word-of-mouth advertising.  The reason for this is that you don’t have to create and engender TRUST (which includes the values of concern, sincerity, identification, reliability and ability) because the person speaking on your behalf is lending you a portion of the trust they have earned with whom they are speaking.

You often see this working in the insurance field when the agent has just completed signing you up, the will say “so Mike, realizing how great a solution this is for your family, do you have a couple of people I could reach out to and mention that we just allowed you to sleep better at night?”  Once they have the names and contact information, they will reach out to those people, and mention YOU as the lead-in to automatically get past the first hurdle in attaining their attention and permission to continue the conversation.

Now, we all have a social circle, friends and family that we converse, work and engage with and around during our lives and this has only expanded as we create online friends and acquaintances.  You have the ability and in some cases the ‘right’ to interrupt someone else’s life to engage in conversations and communications from the mundane (“What did you think of the weather last week?  Crazy, huh?”) to personal and private conversations no normal person should dare ask (I am looking at you, mothers).

When we get excited about a product or a service, we often will speak out about the experience (and this goes triple for bad experiences) to our social circle.

The Size of One-on-One Conversations Online is Staggering


When we talk about a “one-on-one” conversation out here in the real (as opposed to the digital) world, we define that as one person literally talking to another.

However; that definition can get considerably stretched when used to talk about conversations happening online.

Over half of Generation “C” (read more about Generation C’s definition in the first post here) have more than 100 connections in their online social circles with fully 15% average over 500 in theirs!  That is a ‘lot’ of permission!

When you couple the engagement of aligned beliefs, which can be as benign as ‘I think these cat video’s are funny’ to specific interests such as golf, cancer awareness, kids, cooking and so on with the size of social circles and the ease of communicating via online social circles you are able to explode one-on-one word of mouth communication to previously unaccountable heights

The reason for this is that the conversations are often ‘broadcast’ out to the social circle (as we mentioned above, the social circle can be significantly sized) and while it is truly a group conversation, everyone is ‘hearing’ it in their head.  Fortunately, we don’t place the other people in our head at the same time and we perceive these conversations online often as a ‘one-to-one’ conversation if we happen to be one of the parties, or that we are listening in to a private one-on-one conversation if it is between two others.  Should we understand that the two others are in the same social circle, we tend to give the weight of their conversation a higher consideration than any advertisement can achieve.

More Content = More Opportunities for YOUR Message


So, how do you possibly use a video viewing site as a tool in your companies efforts to increase growth?

Obviously, a major play is using the ability to show your commercials to a niche audience I spoke about in the first article.

However; another tactic is to tap into the social circles of those who watch the video’s, and get them to speak inside their group (word-of-mouth) about your company or services.

Here is an example.  Let’s say you are in the ‘experiences’ category.  I would generally include clubs, sports events, certain restaurants, activity based destinations into this group among a few others.  You want to target those who could have interest, or WHO MIGHT SPREAD YOUR MESSAGE TO THEIR CIRCLE IF THEY SEE IT.

We are a social group.  If I have interest in something (skydiving) but hate the idea of jumping out of a perfectly working plane (I do) I might consider one of the indoor skydiving experiences.  This indoor skydiving (see a video here) seems a perfectly legitimate way to be safe while still experiencing the rush of a more perceived risky venture.  If you promote your indoor skydiving business on video’s about skydiving constrained (filtered) to your locality, you are hitting the PERFECT market.

While that is a somewhat obvious association, there are really THOUSANDS of obvious associations.

Video’s about kitchens? Promote your unique cabinet handles business.  Looking to sell your organic soap?  Look to advertising on video’s for new mothers and express how safe your soap is to their young and tender skin.

Both of these examples are NOT locality based.  Therefore, you have a larger potential audience.

It is all in the Research and Creative Ideas


There are two parts you need to consider when implementing any online advertising.  How are you going to reach those you are selling to and what next step do you want them to take when they interact with your ads.  Often, the difference between a successful campaign and a non-successful campaign is the research into targeting the right people and your call to actions.

Make sure those count!

I am explaining all of this as if you are going to do it all and a few of you are excited about the ideas, some of you will be overwhelmed with the thought of making it happen.  If you happen to be one who can see how to grow your business using Adwords but would like some further coaching or a total package of services to help your company grow, please contact Simple Steps IT  to use Google Marketing opportunities to grow your business.

 Furthermore, friends don’t let friends implement an online search campaign without implementing Negative Keywords.  So, DON’T DO IT.  If you have a campaign going right now and you don’t have a list, contact me and I will be happy to send you over 100 basic negative keywords 99% of all campaigns should implement.  It is very easy to do and will save you money starting the day you implement them.  It only takes 5 minutes, so you could change a failing campaign to a successful one.