Marketing Research using Google

This week, I was working with a client who uses adwords for only a small portion of her business.

She started her campaign a couple of years ago, and it has been running without much over-site since.

One of the comments during our monthly meeting was that we wanted to turn on a campaign in a few weeks since most of her clients would come back then.  However; I mentioned that if no one was online searching for her terms, then she wouldn’t get charged in her account.  It wouldn’t matter how many people ‘saw’ the ads, only how many clicked.  If her ad was specific to a phrase which (should) turn away non-prospects, then there was not any harm turning it on now.

So we did.

I was thinking about this episode just a few minutes ago, and it jogged my memory about a chapter in “The 4 hour work week” which talked about using Adwords as a way to find out what products might sell.

So, combine the two issues and think about your marketing verbiage and call to actions.  The many of my clients, the quantity of people who are on the website is a much smaller test group than the quantity they can reach using Adwords.

Use the Adwords system to test your call to actions by doing split testing.  You can keep your cost(s) down by making sure you don’t go over a set budget each day.  When you see a clear winner, cancel the Adwords campaign and change your website call to actions to match.

This isn’t a long post, but rather a short ‘aha!’ which I hope spurs you on to further thinking.

How do you do marketing research on the cheap?  Send me an email, or mention it in the comments below.