I was in a business meeting yesterday, and one of the guys I was talking with has a really interesting side business.

He writes compelling content for realtors. However, he rents this content to mortgage brokers who offer the content to realtors in exchange for allowing em access to the content (basically, keeping in touch).

The mortgage business is very cutthroat and anything you can do to stay top of mind for realtors is an advantage.

By offering exclusive content, these mortgage brokers have something “else” to offer every realtor they come across.

The proverbial “foot in the door” idea that is really interesting to me.

With all of this information available on the Internet (and growing by millions of pages weekly), the ability to create almost an oasis of practical information is a competitive advantage.

So, how else might one use this idea?

When you think about it from my perspective, I really want to meet with the Sales and Marketing directors. I focus on writing about technology which is going to help those roles in an organization.

If I can express to a Global Director or V.P. of Marketing and Sales that I can create sales and marketing focused websites in days which focus on active sales results and measurability, I am a “goto” resource. If I can support those professionals through my posts, email tweets etc. In advance of them needing me, I have accomplished creating a relationship of trust.

If any of my potential clients need to understand the topics I can discuss and I think about when implementing an A.I. website, they only have to review the content I have written in the past to know.

While it is not as good of a recommendation as a personal reference, it goes a long way towards giving the professional assurance that I understand more than ‘I need a website’.

Because if all my client needs is a website, then there are thousands of web developers who are not as expensive as I am and I want them to know that up front.

However, if they need integration and a solid marketing and sales website yesterday? They do not have time and resources to “get it done”, then I am the goto person.