From Wikipedia:

The term lifestream was coined by Eric Freeman and David Gelernter at Yale University in the mid-1990s to describe “…a time-ordered stream of documents that functions as a diary of your electronic life; every document you create and every document other people send you is stored in your lifestream.

Today, I want to discuss a concept first, then two tools which you can use (among MANY) to implement a solution for the term “lifestream”.

In the first paragraph, we see that the idea of a lifestream is a time-ordered diary of your electronic life.  I am sure many people are thinking either “Twitter” or “Facebook” here, and they could be right, however; it can be so much MORE than just Twitter or Facebook.

At the time of this post, Facebook is going (yet again) through a round of issues due to security (or lack thereof) of their customers data.  Twitter is trying to get into the geo-location (think FourSquare) tagging route.  Once again, everybody wants to get all of your data.

If you read my post here, you realize I encourage you to think about who has control of your data, and how you can both keep the information in your control, yet push out the information to the different services which you (or your clients, friends and customers) have joined.

Today’s Tool of the Week is not a smartphone app, it is a blogging service which allows you the ability to post once, and push out to your many different social resources.  Hopefully, one of those is your own website for the reasons in the article mentioned in the previous paragraph.

With Posterous, you have the ability to create a lifestream diary, complete with pictures, video and MP3’s directly from your email.  How much easier can they make it?

If you have done no other playing on the Internet regarding creating content, I really suggest you consider giving Posterous a try.  With the ability to create completely branded pages, and your own URL if you would like (Ok, that is advanced, but they have the instructions here for you) it is very painless, and a great beginning education.

Would I recommend it for a companies complete website and solution?  No, however; there are many social reasons you could want this tool available for you.

For example, do you have an event coming up soon you could use to get people excited?  Great!  In mere minutes you have the ability to quickly post information about it quickly and easily.  Plus, pictures and videos without getting I.T. involved.

Here are a few ways Posterous has been used by companies you know: Chevrolet Volt! –  Famous Tech Pundit –  Lance Armstrong –  4 Hour Work week Anyone?

I focus on helping Individuals and teams get more done by implementing tools, techniques and training to set your marketing and sales on fire.  This one tool has the ability to really help you touch all of your accounts with one update.

There is a Plugin for WordPress called “Lifestream for WordPress” you will want to review if you have a WordPress CMS as the foundation of your website (a point I suggest for ‘most’ companies).

Take a look, you might find something to post about.