With the Apple iPad coming to me (sometime later this month), I am excited to think how this will integrate with my AI Website.

I have used my iPhone a few times to upload content to the website, and it works pretty admirably.  In fact, I have no issues suggesting to my clients that they can do most of what they want to accomplish from their smart phones.

However; I am truly excited about the options the iPad will offer to myself, and my clients in the near future.

With 3G connectivity and a touch-screen keyboard which is easily able to support typing a 300 word post on, it will be the ‘final’ road warrior sales tool.

Yes, I have laptops.  I have Windows laptops, I have a Mac laptop (which I use all of the time).  I have an iPhone, why do I need a iPad?

Well, when I look at my efforts, most of what I accomplish do not require the power of my laptop.

I have been hesitant to purchase a mobile wi-fi option from Verizon or Sprint due to their high monthly cost, and 5Gb limited download amounts.  It isn’t that I am concerned about going over the limit often, I am concerned about an unnecessarily high data bill.

Some will argue that I will have a high monthly Internet cost now with two devices at $30 a month for Internet.  That is true!  However; my profession is I.T..  I live in and on the Internet, my products and services are focused on sales and marketing through this medium.  It is an investment for me.

Lucky me!

With my iPad, I will be able to show my clients how they can INTERACT with a website by touching it… do you understand how this is going to change the future of websites?  No longer will we be passively reading, we will ‘do something’ with the website to tactually conversate with the website.

I will be able to give my clients a feeling of what that is about… Through Video, Audio and Text… and what else in time?

Give it a few months, the future has officially been changed.

What do you think?  Is the iPad a game changer like many of us are suggesting or do you believe we have drank the Kool-Aid?