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A couple of weeks ago, Steve Jobs discussed the (now) iOS 4.0 and iAds implementation.

This week, Steve Jobs of Apple was on stage for WWDC and presented to the audience the iPhone 4.

Also this week, Google (through their company, Admob who talks about Mobile advertising and the iPhone) complained bitterly about changes to the iOS developers agreement.

However; I have been reading up on other comments regarding the future of Internet Marketing through mobile websites vs. smart phone applications (iPhone or Android Apps).

One article which is interesting reading is by titled “Web Vs. Mobile Apps“.

It seems we are going through another set of turf battles yet again (see VCR vs Beta, HD-DVD vs Blue-Ray etc).  While one of the two major contenders (Google and Apple) will eventually get ahead, they both might end up loosing in the end.

How?  By driving people away from building apps and creating mobile websites, or websites which have capabilities equal to and look as good as native phone applications.  Here are some Mobile Internet websites which look very good.

Developers are not paid to create a bunch of different applications, and companies want to build once, use the results everywhere they can.

Although, when you think about it, if we end up back on mobile websites, I guess Google has the upper hand with their ad engine (Adwords).

Either way, Internet Marketing right now is in a state of flux.  I am sure what we do today to market our businesses will be different in the future.  The big question is how far away is that future?  Are you investing in an Internet Marketing Platform for your company today and will it work for you for 3 years, or only 6 months?

Remember, no one 6 months ago predicted the run-away success of the iPad before you answer that question.