Tout - Internet MarketingI came across an interesting sales and marketing tool I am going to share with you.

The service is Tout (meaning to promote your product or service).

The simplified goal is to streamline and automate your promotional emails where you use an email template to copy into an email, change a few words and then send to a new contact.  If you upgrade (there is a free version which allows you to email up to 5 pitches a day, but no analytics) you can send 150 pitches (emails) daily, have a total of 5 team members and use the webmail analytics (did they receive and open, did they click through type of information) for a cost of $30.00 a month.  This provides approximately 4,500 emails outgoing with all of the analytics pretty reasonably.

I am working on implementing the solution into my daily sales and marketing efforts.

For example, I would like to create a guest write on a few websites and this will allow me to create a streamlined methodology to promote this offer to other individuals effectively.

Here is some of the benefits and features as listed on the toutapp website:

What Tout can do:

  • Templatizes your sales, marketing, customer development or PR e-mails
  • Sends e-mails on your behalf, right from the web-browser
  • Helps track the success rate of your emails

With Tout you’ll be able to:

  • Reach out to your target audience at blazing speeds
  • Stop wasting time re-writing the same emails
  • Track which e-mails work and which don’t
  • Be a one-man customer development and PR army

Finally, I want to mention that it does integrate with Highrise (a CRM available from 37 Signals) if you are a Highrise user.

Can you think of ways to use Tout in your business?  Share a few ideas in the comments below.

Be consistent, and better appeal to your target audience by templatizing your emails. Super charge your customer development with Tout.