Mini Cooper Orange County Website ImageHow Research Helped My Website Design Decision

A week ago, I was reading an article from Hubspot titled:

What Do 76% of Consumers Want From Your Website? [New Data]

In the article, it points out something I believed personally was true, but I had no objective information to back it up which is that people care more about ‘getting’ their information than how nice the site ‘looks’.

It so happens that I was working on bringing a website about MINI Coopers online at at this time and I was struggling with choosing the right layout for the website.

I was personally leaning towards a layout which would highlight a few of the articles in a large scrolling image at the top of the website, and the next few ‘latest’ articles underneath, with most of the information ‘below the fold’.  Essentially, the articles would not be seen unless the viewer were to scroll down to review.  However; the layout was spectacular!  Incredible photos with fading effects, really nice looking.

After having read the article above, and being reminded that users want to easily FIND what they are looking for at a much higher degree than how pretty the site is, it helped me solidify the layout for the MINI Cooper website.

I wanted the potential viewer to be able to see the breadth of content on the website, and the advertising being placed on the website by the sponsor(s).  Also, a secondary objective was to have plenty of content on the front page for the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) necessary moving forward.

There are multiple strategies which this website has been designed to accomplish including capturing interest, brand awareness and SEO link support for sponsor’s main websites using key phrases.

I believe the final selected magazine layout will allow Mini Coopers Orange County to accomplish this, and look ‘pretty’ good in the process!

What do you think?