Two out of the top 10 articles this week on Fox News website is on hobbypreneurs. Turning your hobby into a business.

Typically, one of the areas these new entrpreneurs have to create for their businesses are a compelling website, content, and marketing.

I believe that there are many things a new business person needs to handle, these items mentioned are just one of hundreds!

That is why I feel that with their own Susie, hobbypreneurs can get so much more done, and enjoy the process.

I started this post at the car wash a little while ago.  I was reading on my iPhone and came across the mention of hobbypreneurs and thought ‘huh, these guys are in for a small struggle, they could use Susie, too.’

So when I post this article, what my Susie going to do for me?  Well, she is going to post the comment to Twitter and Facebook.  She is going to create a Sitemap.xml page on my website and update Google and Bing (Yahoo) which control 85% of the Search market about the new content on the website.

She is also going to automatically save a copy of my database tonight and email it to me, so that I don’t loose any of these posts.

Actually, that isn’t all she is going to do, it is just the top-line!

If you would like to know how to ‘hire’ your own Susie, just catch me on Twitter (SimpleStepsIT) or join the newsletter.



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