I believe that so many people in business, in marketing, and in sales fail to value the website as what it should be.

An employee of the company.

Firmly in the Marketing and Sales group, with technical skills, and has to answer to the CFO of the company.

Why would I say that?  Because at the core, your website is there to make you money.  No different than any employee who is hired.

They need to have responsibilities, they need to produce results, they need to belong to groups and they should make others’ job easier, not create more work in the company requiring more employees or more load on existing employees.

Over the next several posts, I am going to explain what my employee, whom I shall name Susie, does for my one of my clients.   How she keeps up with Twitter, talks to Google, creates email newsletters, reports on her results and backs up all of her work offsite while he sleeps.

She works 24 hours a day, does her job on his schedule, remembers her tasks and never takes vacations.

Stay tuned for more…