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Secret #1 – Keywords are “Not” the same!

Keywords are the phrases which cause your ads to be shown when someone is searching on Google. Some are better than others, some are spot on, and some are obvious money drains.

The way to think about keywords when setting up a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign is whether the keyword leans towards an “information” request, or a “buying” request.

For example, if someone is searching for “types of tv screens” the phrase is obviously informational. If they are searching for “Sony 55” LCD Prices” then you have an obvious buying key phrase. Unless you are setup to handle informational searches and lead them through the (longer) sales process, going after informational keywords will be a high cost / low gain PPC Strategy.

When you get more history on your keywords, you can slowly add ‘semi informational’ types of keywords and check their effectiveness.

Secret #2 – Learn to use Negative keywords

This is probably the single, most useful secret for those who are just starting to use PPC advertising.

Negative keywords are setup the same as keywords, but work the exact opposite. When you have a negative keyword list (by campaign, ad group etc.) then anytime a person searches WITH a negative keyword in their search term, your ad will NOT be shown. This helps your Click Through Rate (CTR) to stay high which will help you keep your Cost Per Click (CPC – the amount you are charged each time someone clicks on your ad) down.

For example, notice how the words “free” and “employment” change these searches:

“Houston after school child care”
“Free Houston after school child care”

“Rancho Santa Margarita Dentist”
“Rancho Santa Margarita Dentist Employment”

If you do not setup your negative keywords correctly (and there are over 100 in most cases) you are going to throw your advertising spend right out the window and receive calls you don’t have the time to take right then, spend your ad budget for useless clicks and end up believing PPC is a horrible advertising solution.

Secret #3 – Use the Ad Schedule (In Campaign Settings)

Ok, not all traffic during the week is the same.

If your business requires you to answer questions to effectively get leads into the door, and you don’t have anyone covering the phones during the weekend, you need to make sure your advertising is turned off during this time.

Furthermore, pay attention to when you get less traffic during the week. While the reason might be something very local (perhaps other weekly events happen which affect your business), if you notice weak sales happening (no matter your marketing efforts) you can adjust your schedule appropriately.

This same area is also used to help you with …

Secret #4 – Use the Bid Adjustment (in the Ad Schedule area)

Bid adjustment is a wonderful tool to help you adjust your bids up or down during your week. The typical example are restaurants which want to compete more during lunch times, and so they adjust their existing bids to “Increase 20%” between 10:30 am and 1:00 pm each week day.

Additionally, if you don’t find certain days worth as much (say on weekends), you might adjust your bids down 50% on Saturday and Sunday’s to reduce your ad spend, yet be available if your competitors decide they DON’T want to advertise on those days.

Secret #5 – Make Your Ads STAND OUT

The standard ad size is comprised of 4 lines.

  • The top line is 25 characters
  • the next two lines are each 35 characters long
  • the final line is the link to your landing page

However; if you click on the “Ad extensions” tab in your campaign you will find all sorts of additional ways Google allows you to try and cram more information and links on your ad. For instance, with sitelink extensions, you can add up to 4 additional links to your ad highlighting other services or products you sell which would work well. Or, you might use them to point people to your latest offer, contact information, map to your store etc.

Google will decide when, and if, these extensions are shown for each impression so don’t be surprised if you see your ad, but not all of your extensions are included.


Secret #6 – Do NOT ‘Set it and Forget It’

Once you have setup your ad groups, created ads and keywords, negative keywords, locations and times and extensions you are finally ready to ‘turn everything on’.

Now, do more than just see what your spend has been lately!

You need to review what search terms people are using when they click on your ads. Occasionally, you will be surprised to see what searches are used to show your ads and realize you have a new opportunity, or a real need to adjust your negative keywords before you spend more of your budget on useless searches (see secret #1).

Here is an example. 

We manage Shutter & Blind companies PPC efforts. While we started with clients on the West coast, we acquired clients in multiple states across our fair nation.

However; our first client “in the South” caused us to need to go back and adjust our negative keywords for all of our existing clients. Why? Because in the South we were getting clicks for “Deer Blinds”!

It seems that in that one area “deer” needed to be a negative keyword and it is a good thing we review keywords searched or we could have lost a portion of the monthly budget to a product our clients did not sell.

Furthermore, as competition increases and decreases in your local area, you will need to adjust you keyword bids to ‘stay trim’ and stay competitive.

While these are not a complete list of things you need to do to help your PPC efforts, they are all recommendations we have learned over the years which provide you a leg up when working to create a winning PPC campaign. When you get web search leads, from potential clients right in your area, your ability to acquire new clients is massively enhanced.

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