This week, Google has their developer conference Google I/O happening. One of the interesting announcements that has come out of the conference so far is Google T.V..

By using Android (their o/s) Google is working to implement a seamless experience for consumers of content to watch their preferred shows no matter if the content comes from the airwaves, or the Internet.

Remember, at Googles core, the company is about selling advertising. With that business model, they can afford (and they do) to support creating any and all kind of products and services to get you in front of any device (computer, smart phone and t.v.) which encourages you to view more ads.

More ads, more revenue.

When you see some of the science fiction movies which show ads everywhere the protagonist goes, you are viewing our future.

The reason we are moving that direction is money. I am referring to the money you and I are not paying to use products such as Google Docs and Facebook which are supported by ads.

In fact, Apple announced a couple of weeks ago their mobile ads platform to streamline advertisements in applications on the iPhone, Touch and iPad.

This helps the smaller developers get into the game, literally. Many game producing companies will implement this revenue model and give away the games.

Google is going this route as well.

So, my question is when commercials are cheap to make, and you can place them in shows all across the Internet and t.v. as simply as setting up an Adwords account, how will that affect you?