Free Google Adwords Trial for Chiropractors

We are the affordable Google Adwords PPC Agency. We believe enough in our ability to provide web search  leads to your website, we will PAY for the trial!  Has any other agency offered you the same option?

Don’t rob your Chiropractic focus to keep up with your PPC campaigns.  Let Simple Steps I.T. show you our PPC Chops with our Completely Free, No Risk, No Credit Card Google Adwords Trial!


Google Adwords PPC

Our Free Trial Includes:

  • $125 in Adwords Spend (no credit card)
  • Trial Campaigns Setup
  • Campaign Management During Trial
  • End of Trial Report Copy

Are Adwords results the same for every Chiropractic Practice?

No. This is why we offer a completely free trial.  If we don’t perform (using our own money), we don’t deserve to perform using yours!


What do I have to do for the free trial?

Fill in the ‘Free Google Adwords Trial’ form below


Is there a contract for your monthly services?

No, we do not have contracts, the services are month-to-month.  There are no minimum number of months to work with us.  You can cancel up to the 24th of the month for next month’s services.


Whose billing information is used for the Trial Google Adwords campaign?

We use our own billing information for the Free Trial campaign.  You will notice below that we do not request your credit card at all.


What happens after I fill in the form?

  • When you complete the form, you receive an email with Jason Kelley’s contact name and email.
  • Our setup team will take your form data and work with Google to build your campaign (this usually takes 3-5 business days), if we have any questions we will use the email you provide to contact you.
  • At the end of the trial, we run the results report and setup a time to review the results unique to your area and answer any questions you might have. The report, and any leads, are yours to keep with our compliments.


What do you charge if I want to continue after the trial?

Our monthly campaign management charge is $399, however; if you sign up within 5 days of our Free Trial this is reduced to $299/mo + your Google Spend (suggested minimum spend is $700, however; you can adjust the amount depending upon quantity of patients needed, local competition for your services & number of campaigns). There is a one-time $199 setup fee.

You spend money in advertising to make money with more new clients.  The lifetime value of each new patient in your practice brings you a highly valuable ROI!


What if I have questions you haven’t answered here?

Feel free to use our contact information and ask us your question(s)!


Where else will you hire a Digital Marketing Consultant to drive business to your offices for so little?

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